CERES Top Talent
Executive Recruitment


CERES Top Talent has the right solution for your recruitment needs so you can depend on our extensive experience, knowledge and valuable network. We do provide a total answer to your needs, covering every aspect of the complex Recruiting process.

Recruitment Assignments are very specific, depending on the role of the Candidate to attract.
We recommend to Clients that they consider -based on their needs- either Retainer or Contingency options. 


CERES Top Talent will make sure you are getting the right outstanding individuals to match your business requirements and objectives. We will meet with you to fully understand your situation, goals, timelines, and expectations. 


To succeed, it is very important to gather the Company current situation and its needs for the specific Assignment. At CERES Top Talent, this assessment is the key to success. We need to understand and define your goals. Knowing your current assets as well as where you would like to take your business
and proper planning are crucial steps in advancement and achievement.

We are here to assist you to engage those Top Talented individuals.

CERES Top Talent
Tel. (226) 444-4010

Mailing Address:
 P.O. Box 29101
101  Holiday Inn Drive
Cambridge, ON N3C 0E6

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