CERES Top Talent
Executive Recruitment
Philosophy and Mission

CERES Top Talent - Mission

To support Clients on the fulfillment of their business goals through the power of networking,
discovering, attracting and enrolling Top talented individuals to boost Companies performance.

CERES Top Talent - Philosophy

 Our Recruitment strategy is based on a simple and solid set of principles:


Practicing a relatively transparent business model
Keeping our Clients fully informed of the entire process
Ensuring understanding of all deals aspects before solidifying any commitment.
Striving for long-term relationships with Clients who are willing to appreciate our help.


Adhering to our promises and commitments, we build and gain trust.
Meeting or exceeding each one of our goals and promises. We speak the truth !!


To understand our Clients recruitment needs and objectives to provide savvy performers,
generating numerous possibilities for the future of the Organization and its sustainability.

CERES Top Talent
Tel. (226) 444-4010

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 29101
101  Holiday Inn Drive
Cambridge, ON N3C 0E6

Cambridge Chamber of Commerce

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